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Admitted Student Events. During the last months that are few our office reviewed many applications and now its time for our admitted pupils to determine whether or perhaps maybe not USC could be the spot for you. Into the coming months, we’ve many events to greatly help pupils learn more in what it’s want to be a student at USC. We’ve developed just a little breakdown about what each occasion entails, so as you are able to figure out which is the better for you personally!

Preview USC

Preview is formatted similar to our Meet USC program. It really is a 3.5 hour program that begins with an admission session with an admission student and counselor intern. Then students will be involved in a campus trip that is accompanied with a session with all the department that is academic that you’ve been admitted. Through the time, students will read about housing, campus life, and the transition to USC. Preview USC is held on six different dates.

Explore USC

Explore USC is considered the most campus that is extensive program we offer. These are day-long sessions that provide you having a highly organized, in-depth appearance at USC. You will shmoop pro satisfy current s USC pupils, hear about their experiences, trip the campus and the encompassing neighbor hood, get detailed information about your course of study, learn about student life, meet professors, and dine in a dining hall that is residential. The student that is admitted attend without any charge and visitors are charged a $50 cost per person. We shall host five Explore USC activities this spring.

Admitted Students Program

This will be a great option for pupils and families hoping to consult with USC for a weekend. It is an event that is all-day is held on April 26th. Registration begins into the early morning and sessions will last until about 4:00pm. Appear in the morning to attend all associated with the sessions that pertain to your concerns! This available home provides students using the opportunity to tour the campus and surrounding neighborhood, meet faculty and staff through the different departments, and accept answers to your USC questions. This is additionally the only program where you’ve got a chance to tour the University’s residential facilities.

USC Off Campus Programs

For anyone whom do not live close to campus, we host receptions that are off-campus the nation. During these events, you can expect to hear from admission and aid that is financial and representatives from the different academic divisions. These programs are about two hours very long and are yes that will help you answr fully your questions about USC.
Students may sign up for these activities on USConnect. The Admitted Students Program on April 26th, or some of our off-campus events.

develop each one of you will select an event to forward attend and look to conference you here at USC or on the road!

Applying For Housing

Attention USC admitted pupils!

Have you requested housing yet? Well you should because the application is due on May first. If you should be students admitted in the spring semester, your housing application can be accepted July that is beginning 1st.

The campus life at USC is vibrant and bustling; there will be something happening all the time. One big explanation why is due to our housing opportunities. We’re able to guarantee university housing for our freshmen and sophomore classes. Residing on campus is perhaps not mandatory, but many pupils will take us through to that guarantee in the first two years. No matter what choice they choose, they will find it simple to generally meet other pupils, eat, study and do laundry.


    • Residence Halls

They are traditional dorms where you certainly will share room with one other individual. There are community bathrooms on the floor that is same. Most freshmen will inhabit a residence hallway.

    • Suites

Freshmen have three suite-style structures to pick from on campus. They are a combined number of spaces that share your bathrooms and a full time income room. Most of our rooms home 8 students in double rooms.

    • Apartments

In the event that you want more room and privacy, you might want to are now living in a condo. They’ve the programming that is same all other freshmen housing on campus and that means you will have the same opportunities to fulfill brand new pupils. Also, if you are someone who loves meals that are home-cooked all apartments have kitchens!

All housing that is first-year are residential colleges this means that faculty masters also reside in the structures. Their purpose is to supply development and assistance for pupils and help bridge the gap between faculty and student. The change from highschool to university can be quite a process so residing in a college that is residential address some of those challenges.

So use ASAP! Also it is still possible to apply if you have not yet decided on USC. To find out more, please go to the USC Housing internet site or view the video below.

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